Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Where it all began

At least for me.

Looking at these old figures of mine, there's something that bugs me a lot: the bases. There are, simply put, ugly, especially the "meadow" ones.

What they miss is actually some sense or reality. The gravel needs to come in varied sizes, the meadow needs to look organic and have fibers, colors need to blend and taint each others, etc..

I think I'll post some basic basing next cause it is most certainly the one aspect of figure painting that I've  been working on since I came back to 40k.

The last two figures, the Orlock guys have been shot on a 60mm base that I did not so long ago. I like the dusty feel of it.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Imaginem Mortis

To take on the look of Death - Revêtir l'apparence de la Mort

My first encounter with the 40K universe was Necromunda. I loved the universe, I loved the gameplay, I loved painting the figures and building my first terrains ( Toxic ponds were my favorites).

Ever since then I've been addicted to the 40K universe. Its is most certainly grim and cynical yet so very epic and colorful.

The Imperium of Man is indeed an utterly inspirational universe.

After a ten years long break during which my figures were stored away in boxes, my interest was suddenly rekindled by a ten year old kid asking me to show him my Necromunda minis.

A few visits at the local GW store and a couple Heresy novels later, I was back at my desk, painting.
It was all it took to get me back on track.

My first project is a Blood Angels army. I also have an Ulthwe army waiting on a shelve to be painted.
Loads of work to come and a brand new blog to keep an eye on it.

This space is now open to keep a record of my Hobby painting.

Welcome to Imaginem Mortis.

Inspirational work by Bradley Wright to keep you company until next post.

Deathwatch Spacemarine by Bradley Wright - Portfolio