Thursday, January 17, 2013

40K - Army Project - Star Phantoms

The Star Phantoms are a Loyalist Space Marine Chapter of the 23rd Founding created in the early 38th Millennium from an unknown origin. They took part in the final days of the Badab War and the final assault upon the Astral Claws' homeworld of Badab Primaris, helping bring the war to a successful conclusion. 

exerpt from Warhammer 40k Wiki (and tehrefore Forgeworld Books)

My plan is to paint units and vehicles shown in the Badab War books.

Land Speeder Tempest - Spectral Nine

Caestus Assault Ram - Spectre of Death

Veteran Sergeant and his Devastator Squad Varnae 

Won't be this one but the one attached to 4th Squad 9th Company mentioned above

MKIV Dreadnought - Tactical configuration

I also plan to add, for good measure, a :


Ah ah!

So the list would go as follow:

1500 PTs (more or less)

HQ +190

Epistolary with Terminator Armor with force weapon and Storm Shield +190

Troupes +430

10 Men Tactical Squad  Missile launcher / melta / melta bombs +215

With Rhino

10 Men Tactical  Squad Missile launcher / melta / melta bombs +215

Whith Rhino

Elite + 360

9 men Assault Terminator - 4 Claws / 6 Thunder Hammers  +360

Fast attack  + 275

Caestus Ass Ram + 275

Heavy support + ???

Contemptor Mortis as shown above + ???

I would absolutely love to get people's insight on that list!

40k - Blood Angels - Stormraven - Painted

In 6th Edition, Flyers are mandatory or so it seems. Despite the fact that they can't unload their passengers early enough in the game to my taste, I think I'll field my Stormraven again in my next game.

The Stormraven is a beautiful kit in my opinion. Despite the rear door issue which I discussed earlier, I've been enjoying myself with the kit.

The base color has been airbrushed, I used salt which wasn't dry enough when I applied the second color coat. End result is some salt is "stuck" in the paint, given a greasy look to the paint.
Be careful with salt.

And here it is, almost done & weathered. It was my first time with weathering. I used ink and pigment. While I like using ink, I find the pigment unsettling. It seems out of proportion somehow.
I guess I need practice.

A few pieces aren't glued together yet.

The Mean Rear Door has been tamed.

Wide open!

Forgeworld Rhino Doors

Monday, December 24, 2012

40k - Blood Angels - Scout Squad

This Weekend I'm gonna play a small 1000pt game and thought I might want a Scout Squad to bring my termies on board and snipe a few Independant characters.

The Heavy Bolter bearer is converted from the regular scout model. I wanted them all to have cloaks.
I airbrushed the basecoat and highlight and painted them with really thin paint and ink.
I really did enjoy painting them. A five or six man squad is a good size to keep your smile while painting.

 Camo Cloaks, huh.

I can't wait to deploy them...

I still miss some decals.

2 days to paint them. I'm quite satisfied on how they turned out.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

40k - Realm Of Battle - Painting

Ever since it came out, I so wanted to own a Realm of Battle board!  I got one like 6 months ago and couldn't decide how to paint it... 

I did not want the board to scream at me so I used very subdued tones and in the end, it was quite easy and fast to paint the Realm Of Battle board tiles.
I gently sprayed a very fine layer of chaos black then used a foam roller (the kind you paint wood panel with) to apply Vallejo airbrush primers (Israeli sand grey then desert tan base).
They were parts where the black was nearly non existent. You can see on the pics where there was black in the first place, it is darker.

I'm not going to paint any details as I do not want to board to catch too much attention. It took me one single afternoon to do 8 tiles. Not bad.

I also plan to use the exact same colors for my pieces of terrain. Let's say the planet we are on here is a dusty and windy desert type planet. 

Monday, October 8, 2012

40k - Blood Angels - Stormraven Rear Door - Let's fix it!

My first 6th edition game was a mess. Not only did I not fully mastered the new rules but I also had to face the ineffectiveness of my 5th edition list.
This led me to get a stormraven and like many other out there I had an issue with the rear door litterally falling off.. 

A few forum had topic about it and I was able to understand how people solved this but I couldn't find a proper tutorial. Maybe there was but I didn't find it.

Anyway, I decided to take pictures of my rear door fixing workshop to help the lost. ^_-

My solution is only a solution among others but it does hold up against abuse (normal abuse, huh) and it is quite easy to set up, provided that you have the right tube diameter: 3mm outside / 1,5mm inside. Otherwise, it is plain plastic tubing from the hobby store.

Original and (still) untouched. It doesn't show here but let's face it, unless you plan to glue it, it will fall off.

Now it is time to cut!  1. Cut off those useless bits of plastic & 2. Cut the tube to have two pieces that will rigidify and really stick to the hull

Replace the original useless bits by tiny half  tube sections. They will work better

Place the half tube bits on the door then glue them to the hull. Be carefull not to have the glue go between the tube and the door rod. It would fix it all together.

Let it dry. open and close once it a while to prevent the afore mention issue.
And you're set!