Monday, December 24, 2012

40k - Blood Angels - Scout Squad

This Weekend I'm gonna play a small 1000pt game and thought I might want a Scout Squad to bring my termies on board and snipe a few Independant characters.

The Heavy Bolter bearer is converted from the regular scout model. I wanted them all to have cloaks.
I airbrushed the basecoat and highlight and painted them with really thin paint and ink.
I really did enjoy painting them. A five or six man squad is a good size to keep your smile while painting.

 Camo Cloaks, huh.

I can't wait to deploy them...

I still miss some decals.

2 days to paint them. I'm quite satisfied on how they turned out.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

40k - Realm Of Battle - Painting

Ever since it came out, I so wanted to own a Realm of Battle board!  I got one like 6 months ago and couldn't decide how to paint it... 

I did not want the board to scream at me so I used very subdued tones and in the end, it was quite easy and fast to paint the Realm Of Battle board tiles.
I gently sprayed a very fine layer of chaos black then used a foam roller (the kind you paint wood panel with) to apply Vallejo airbrush primers (Israeli sand grey then desert tan base).
They were parts where the black was nearly non existent. You can see on the pics where there was black in the first place, it is darker.

I'm not going to paint any details as I do not want to board to catch too much attention. It took me one single afternoon to do 8 tiles. Not bad.

I also plan to use the exact same colors for my pieces of terrain. Let's say the planet we are on here is a dusty and windy desert type planet. 

Monday, October 8, 2012

40k - Blood Angels - Stormraven Rear Door - Let's fix it!

My first 6th edition game was a mess. Not only did I not fully mastered the new rules but I also had to face the ineffectiveness of my 5th edition list.
This led me to get a stormraven and like many other out there I had an issue with the rear door litterally falling off.. 

A few forum had topic about it and I was able to understand how people solved this but I couldn't find a proper tutorial. Maybe there was but I didn't find it.

Anyway, I decided to take pictures of my rear door fixing workshop to help the lost. ^_-

My solution is only a solution among others but it does hold up against abuse (normal abuse, huh) and it is quite easy to set up, provided that you have the right tube diameter: 3mm outside / 1,5mm inside. Otherwise, it is plain plastic tubing from the hobby store.

Original and (still) untouched. It doesn't show here but let's face it, unless you plan to glue it, it will fall off.

Now it is time to cut!  1. Cut off those useless bits of plastic & 2. Cut the tube to have two pieces that will rigidify and really stick to the hull

Replace the original useless bits by tiny half  tube sections. They will work better

Place the half tube bits on the door then glue them to the hull. Be carefull not to have the glue go between the tube and the door rod. It would fix it all together.

Let it dry. open and close once it a while to prevent the afore mention issue.
And you're set!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

40k - Dark Vengeance

The long awaited 6th edition starter box set has finally landed in every 40k addict's house.

The limited edition has run out already and a lot of people already painted the miniatures.
And that is a mystery to me who will eventually finish them for the release of the  7th edition...

Got my two boxes of Dark Vengeance when they came out. Had barely the time to put everything together. Still have the mold lines to get rid of and I'll be ready to paint them.

Dark Vengeance miniatures are so beautiful. Cultists remind me, of course, of Necromunda.

I had a misfortune with the Dark Vengeance Masterpiece, the HellBrute: a few teeth got crushed/smashed. I believe the loose sprues inside the box did the job.

I guess I'll just have to cut them and redo them in green stuff.

How awesome they look...  Can't wait to play the missions.

40k - Star Phantom Icons / decals

Hello there,

It's been a while.

Between holidays, procrastination and a real lack of time, I've been neglecting my newborn blog.
It's not that I do not paint or even take pictures or doesn't have anything to say. It's just... I don't know. I'm not used to the process I guess.

Recently I've been thinking about starting a Star Phantom army, along with expending my Blood Angels and also starting a Dark Eldar army to pair up with my old Eldar force.
Fortunately, Wayland seems to be waiting for stock to no end so I had the time to get two copies of Dark Vengeance and a Stormraven before the Dark Eldar hit the place.

Anyway, here is a preview of the eps file I did for Star Phantom Decals. Anyone interested, just say so in the comments section and I'll send you the file.

I do not own Games Workshop or Forgeworld , please don't sue me. I'm only trying to share a little bit of my hobby with others. If the use of those icons is problematic, just tell me. I'll take them off.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Star Phantom - Test model

The Star Phantoms are a Loyalist Space Marine Chapter of the 23rd Founding created in the early 38th Millennium from an unknown origin. They took part in the final days of the Badab War and the final assault upon the Astral Claws' homeworld of Badab Primaris, helping bring the war to a successful conclusion. 

exerpt from Warhammer 40k Wiki (and tehrefore Forgeworld Books)

The Star Phantom is one of those chapters who doesn't draw masses.  Out of the Badad War, they are most probably the least played army.

True that the Forgeworld book doesn't gift them so much but the looks... That paint scheme is awesome and what Forgeworld did with the illustration is simply WOW.

Now that 6th edition is out in the wild and that it becomes more than clear that allies will do it all, I cannot hold back anymore: I need to start a Star Phantom force to ally with my Blood Angels.
They will complement the Blood Angels nicely in my opinion and their paint scheme is something that I've wanted to give a try to for a long while now.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Blood angels - Land Speeder Typhoon

This Land Speeder is meant to be included in a 1000 pts Blood Angel's army. I plan to start with a kind of  DOA with light vehicles and bikes.

At first I had planned to airbrush the whole model from start to finish but I first need a spray booth.
I tried to airbrush inside but it's way too messy... I need to keep the room clean.
I then tried to airbrush outside but I got a really grainy surface and the wind made it very difficult to actually hit the intended place on the model.

So, in the end, I used spray cans outside, on a not so windy day.

The result below hasn't received any weathering yet. I'm new to weathering so I'm still training on stray pieces of plastic. Once I'm satisfied, I guess I'll weather a bunch of figures all at once.

I didn't glue all the pieces together in an attempt at keeping painting simple and easy.
The main color of the vehicle is a mix of Chaos Black spray from GW, Dull Red from Tamiya and a Carmin red Idea spray.

In the meantime, I tried Humbrol spray cans and they win hands up. I don't think I'll ever use anything else.
Tamiya is sweet but it's damn expensive.

Below, pics of the process

With the actual painting, I wanted to work as clean as possible and overal, preserve the red to black gradiant on the model. I mainly highlighted flat surfaces and inked the opposite recesses as if the light was coming from the right / front of the model.

I drybrushed the metallic surfaces instead of painting them with metalic paint and inking them afterward. The reason was to, again, preserve the "clair-obscur".

As a side note, Monstrous Creature sighted in the work area, again.
 This type of MC is well known of my fearless BA who have no choice but leap off the board when its ferocious paws hit them.

Monstrous creature on a GW tile.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Where it all began

At least for me.

Looking at these old figures of mine, there's something that bugs me a lot: the bases. There are, simply put, ugly, especially the "meadow" ones.

What they miss is actually some sense or reality. The gravel needs to come in varied sizes, the meadow needs to look organic and have fibers, colors need to blend and taint each others, etc..

I think I'll post some basic basing next cause it is most certainly the one aspect of figure painting that I've  been working on since I came back to 40k.

The last two figures, the Orlock guys have been shot on a 60mm base that I did not so long ago. I like the dusty feel of it.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Imaginem Mortis

To take on the look of Death - Revêtir l'apparence de la Mort

My first encounter with the 40K universe was Necromunda. I loved the universe, I loved the gameplay, I loved painting the figures and building my first terrains ( Toxic ponds were my favorites).

Ever since then I've been addicted to the 40K universe. Its is most certainly grim and cynical yet so very epic and colorful.

The Imperium of Man is indeed an utterly inspirational universe.

After a ten years long break during which my figures were stored away in boxes, my interest was suddenly rekindled by a ten year old kid asking me to show him my Necromunda minis.

A few visits at the local GW store and a couple Heresy novels later, I was back at my desk, painting.
It was all it took to get me back on track.

My first project is a Blood Angels army. I also have an Ulthwe army waiting on a shelve to be painted.
Loads of work to come and a brand new blog to keep an eye on it.

This space is now open to keep a record of my Hobby painting.

Welcome to Imaginem Mortis.

Inspirational work by Bradley Wright to keep you company until next post.

Deathwatch Spacemarine by Bradley Wright - Portfolio