Tuesday, November 27, 2012

40k - Realm Of Battle - Painting

Ever since it came out, I so wanted to own a Realm of Battle board!  I got one like 6 months ago and couldn't decide how to paint it... 

I did not want the board to scream at me so I used very subdued tones and in the end, it was quite easy and fast to paint the Realm Of Battle board tiles.
I gently sprayed a very fine layer of chaos black then used a foam roller (the kind you paint wood panel with) to apply Vallejo airbrush primers (Israeli sand grey then desert tan base).
They were parts where the black was nearly non existent. You can see on the pics where there was black in the first place, it is darker.

I'm not going to paint any details as I do not want to board to catch too much attention. It took me one single afternoon to do 8 tiles. Not bad.

I also plan to use the exact same colors for my pieces of terrain. Let's say the planet we are on here is a dusty and windy desert type planet.