Thursday, January 17, 2013

40k - Blood Angels - Stormraven - Painted

In 6th Edition, Flyers are mandatory or so it seems. Despite the fact that they can't unload their passengers early enough in the game to my taste, I think I'll field my Stormraven again in my next game.

The Stormraven is a beautiful kit in my opinion. Despite the rear door issue which I discussed earlier, I've been enjoying myself with the kit.

The base color has been airbrushed, I used salt which wasn't dry enough when I applied the second color coat. End result is some salt is "stuck" in the paint, given a greasy look to the paint.
Be careful with salt.

And here it is, almost done & weathered. It was my first time with weathering. I used ink and pigment. While I like using ink, I find the pigment unsettling. It seems out of proportion somehow.
I guess I need practice.

A few pieces aren't glued together yet.

The Mean Rear Door has been tamed.

Wide open!

Forgeworld Rhino Doors

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  1. Sweet paint job, those flyers look very difficult to paint.