Monday, October 8, 2012

40k - Blood Angels - Stormraven Rear Door - Let's fix it!

My first 6th edition game was a mess. Not only did I not fully mastered the new rules but I also had to face the ineffectiveness of my 5th edition list.
This led me to get a stormraven and like many other out there I had an issue with the rear door litterally falling off.. 

A few forum had topic about it and I was able to understand how people solved this but I couldn't find a proper tutorial. Maybe there was but I didn't find it.

Anyway, I decided to take pictures of my rear door fixing workshop to help the lost. ^_-

My solution is only a solution among others but it does hold up against abuse (normal abuse, huh) and it is quite easy to set up, provided that you have the right tube diameter: 3mm outside / 1,5mm inside. Otherwise, it is plain plastic tubing from the hobby store.

Original and (still) untouched. It doesn't show here but let's face it, unless you plan to glue it, it will fall off.

Now it is time to cut!  1. Cut off those useless bits of plastic & 2. Cut the tube to have two pieces that will rigidify and really stick to the hull

Replace the original useless bits by tiny half  tube sections. They will work better

Place the half tube bits on the door then glue them to the hull. Be carefull not to have the glue go between the tube and the door rod. It would fix it all together.

Let it dry. open and close once it a while to prevent the afore mention issue.
And you're set!

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